Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I've Been Up To Post

 Hello! I'm been very lazy in updating my blog. So be prepared for lots of photos!
The above flowers ordered by a return customer. Loving the lacy ones :)
 Another mini shells hat made using polyester yarns. I'm in love with this yarn! The hat is available if you're interested.
 Another hat using the same yarn also available for sale.
 Another hat. I used Bernat Mosaic yarns(see below).
 And I guess you guessed that just have to have new yarns!
 Alize DIVA Missisipi yarns. The small lilac one is Alize Miss.
 Love the colors!
 Yummy! These yarns are going to be crocheted into flowers.
 Wool yarns from China. Nice!
 These yarns were sent to me as gifts from a lovely friend, Jenny :) Love, love, love!
 I swapped some yarns with a fellow crocheter on Facebook and these are what she sent me. Just lovely!
 I ordered 2 knitting looms along with some of the yarns. I just wanted to try my hands on them and also for Hazel to keep her busy during the school holidays.
 This is my loomed baby hat. Needs more practice.
 And this is Hazel's. We used the same yarns, Alize Burcum. 
 Here is Hazel with her new toy - hama beads.
Here are the results from her hard work. I need more practice on the ironing. Some of them broke off as they were not melted enough :p
Isn't this pouch beautiful?? A lovely friend, Liza sent it to me along with some granny squares for our granny squares exchange group. I just love the details!

I'm off to crochet more stuff and in between, read! :) 'Til I 'see' you all again...


lia said... [Reply to comment]

hi..dh lama xjenguk blog akak...teruja tengok benang2 akak yg cantik2 semua tu..knitting loom tu pun nampak menarik lah...mesti cuba ni!hi2...

MamaDaniel said... [Reply to comment]

banyaknyer benang kak... ada buat yarn swap ke kat CAL? dah lama betul saya tak masuk fb.. huhuhu...

Yati said... [Reply to comment]

Kak Aisyah.... banyaknya beli benang. Semuanya nampak yummy. ^_^
Hazel minat crafts dan kait juga, ya, macam kak Aisyah. Walau pun guna loom, ok la tu.

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

lia - Thank you! Mesti cuba tu sbb senang dr knitting :p

zila - de lah, swap tu hanya kami 2 org je yg buat :)

yati - ni tgh cuba puasa beli benang yati, ntah boleh ke tk :p ha'ah hazel mmg minat buat pelbagai kraf :)

alanay said... [Reply to comment]

örgüleriniz çok güzekl.çok beğendim ve hatta bloğumda yayınladım.sevgiler..

Eileen Chrisjohn said... [Reply to comment]

Love the flowers and the hats are divine! Your new yarn has me drooling! I need to go shopping.

Delightofindia said... [Reply to comment]

Your blogging style and shared posts are superb.

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Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Eileen & delightofindia :)

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