Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Potholder

 A pretty pattern that I liked immediately upon seeing it here and knew I had to make it. She has a link to the tutorial there, and to make it easier for you, here as well, Acrochet.com. If your browser doesn't automatically prompt you to translate the page, you can try right-clicking your mouse( I only knew about this recently!).
This is the back of it using the same colors as the front. I think it looks cute! And after crocheting loads of things after all these years, this is my FIRST potholder! LOL! I'm not going to use it but will start a collection so that I can hang them as a grouping on the wall :D


MamaDaniel said... [Reply to comment]

so cute... color macam sweet candy + bubble gum.. yum yum...

Sulela said... [Reply to comment]

Alaaaa...dah translate tapi tak faham apa maksud translation tu. Boleh tolong translatekan tak? hehehe

Monique said... [Reply to comment]

Wat a lovely potholder. I never knew that it was possible to translate a page with a right mouse click. I have tried it but the translation doesn't make any sense :-(

amani said... [Reply to comment]

love the colours!!!! lembut sangat:-)

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks everyone! I did it mostly by looking at the pics :) I'll try and see if I can translate the pattern to English but I can't promise it'll be soon..

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Hello Aisyah Helga,
I am very happy to give you the Stylish blogger award! Come and pick it from my blog!

Madeleine said... [Reply to comment]

Supercute! :) Glad you wanted to join my giveaway! :D

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