Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another Cushion Cover

This is the cushion cover that I did as a wedding gift for my nephew who just got married two days ago. I really like the sweet colors and the simplicity of it. I finished it on the wedding day itself! So, I forgot to take a pic of the back of it, in my haste to wrap it up. I stitched it on one of the two cushion covers that I ordered from Maslina. The first one was on my first cushion cover.
This was the material that I chose. (Photo courtesy of Maslina.) They matched perfectly!
The cake in this photo was taken last week but I made one again today and only less than half of it is left. It  looks dark because I used lots of cocoa powder in it. It's actually a steamed chocolate cake and it tastes YUMMY! You can find the recipe here. Do make one because it's real easy and uses just the minimum of ingredients. To make it tastier, I used margarine instead of oil. And I also made another batch of the Milo biscuits. My eldest son really likes them as do my husband. Did anyone else try making it besides Sus?


Clara said... [Reply to comment]

I really do like the colors you chose for the pillow and the fabric is perfectly matched. Thanks so much for the recipe...just had a flashback of my Mom who made this recipe for us at home. Thanks as it brought back such great memories and now I'll have to make up some myself! Have a fantastic day.

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