Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Adventures In Cardmaking

I used to make handmade cards a long time ago. And I sold quite a lot. These are several that I have left. I used handmade papers that I made myself to make the cards above. I printed the graphics with a cardmaking software and made envelopes to match. I made a lot of bookmarks with these papers, too but I don't have them anymore, so I can't show you.
For this one, I scanned a flower, printed it on white paper and glued it on a square of matching handmade paper. 
This card is one of the earliest I made. As you can see, it wasn't so creative. I printed the paisley pattern onto white paper, stuck a sticker in the middle and put some dots with silver pen all around them. Reminder: This was a LONG time ago, so the card designs are very not creative :p
I was crazy with tea-bag paper folding, too. Have you ever heard of them before? If you haven't, check this out and this. And Rosemarie has lots of free tea-bag papers for you to print. What to do with them you ask? can attach them to cards for one.
As for the ones below, I didn't have any store-bought stamps so I improvised and searched for black and white copyright-free clip arts, printed them onto the cards, cardstocks or watercolor papers. And I carved my own simple stamps as well.
The ones with a coconut tree, 3 fishes, a dolphin and the one below, I used a cheap technique to add color to the paper by coloring a plastic lid with 'magic pens', sprayed them with water and laying the paper onto it. I got the idea online a long time ago, so I can't credit the creator of this technique. 
Seeing all the gorgeous card designs and supplies available nowadays makes me want to start this cardmaking business again. Maybe one day.....


Miyyah said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! You're awesome for making your own paper! I've always wanted to do that , never actually doing it. I guess I'm still looking for the best and easiest tutorial for it. And I'm yet to find the courage to use blender for paper-making. :P

I've always been afraid to use colours and stamps for my cards, because it always ended with me messing everything up hehe. But I really like the idea on adding the colours using magic pens and plastic lid. Will give it a try one day. Thanks for the tip Aishah!

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Give it a try but you have to have lots of patience to wait for the paper to dry. Usually I can't wait and just iron them. I'll try to write the easiest tutorial soon. Will have to remember back how I did it :P
Try the magic pens method. It's fun! Good luck!

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