Monday, June 11, 2012

What I've Been Up To Post

 Long time no post! Been busy and lazy :p 
This is a set of scarf & hat ordered by my loyal customer, Lynn. I used Ondino yarns by Ice Yarns. Sadly, they no longer sell these type of yarn.
 An assortment of roses in size and yarn types. And some leaves.
My newest yarns :) Can't get enough of them! 
'Til the next post...take care!


lovestitch said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful set of hat and scarf, your customer will be thrilled! Lovely model :)!!! Those roses are gorgeous, you are so talented!
New yarn is always wonderful, I just checked your shop out, you have so many beautiful yarns, how about the shipping?
Take care and have a good day!
Best wishes,

my4lilgirls said... [Reply to comment]

Gorgeous set, your wee girl looks so sweet in them

MamaDaniel said... [Reply to comment]

Busy kat YLM kan..hehehe... ;)

Mabuk tengok benang.. macam mabuk laut pulak.. hehehe... ;)

Dawn said... [Reply to comment]

So, so sweet! From the adorable pics of your sweet girl to the very profound saying at the end -- wonderful post, Aisyah!!

jennifer petar said... [Reply to comment]

Glorious collection specially that scarf..Beautiful Ladies style.

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you, Jennifer :)

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