Monday, December 12, 2011

Keep Your Jewerly Organized The DIY Way! - Guest Post

Today’s post is from Jessi, a do-it-yourselfer who is passionate about jewelry. When she’s not accessorizing or dreaming about a new project, she spends her time as a Community Coordinator for PartSelect, the ultimate online repair resource for homeowners and appliance parts retailer.

If you’re a true jewelry lover you’re always looking for ways to better organize your collection. I have boxes, bins and baskets in most rooms of my house, containing the many pieces I’ve collected over the years. Of course, the most special ones I keep in a box, but I like the others to be out and free to grab in a hurry should the inspiration for a great outfit strike.
A wardrobe style jewelry box isn’t a requirement for keeping your jewelry organized – in fact, there’s really no reason to head out to buy a jewelry box at all. It’s very easy to create fun, practical and useful jewelry holders using items you likely already have around the home.
Nothing is more irritating than going to grab the perfect necklace and realizing its tangled amongst the others. Avoid this problem by using shower curtain hooks to hang each one off a towel rack. While it’s probably better to hang towels on the rack in your bathroom than jewelry,  installing one inside your closet or behind a door is quick and easy.

If you’re into repurposing items that aren’t in use anymore, an old metal rake also makes a great necklace holder and adds a lot of character to a room. Remove the handle, keeping only the lower portion with teeth – a little spray paint in any color will hide rust and blemishes perfectly. Secure the upside-down rake to your wall with a couple of nails and then hang your favorite pieces off the teeth!               
                          DIY Rake Jewelry Holder!

Another item I have a tough time organizing is bracelets. The small ones aren’t such an issue, but I have many that are thick, wide and tough to fit into typical jewelry boxes. If you have paper towel holder that’s not in use you have a quick and simple solution to this problem. Don’t have one lying around the house? Head to your local dollar store and pick one up for only a few bucks.

Depending on the style, it’s often nice to be able to display your earrings somewhere you can grab them on the go. While many traditional jewelry boxes sometimes provide a space where you’re able to do this, it’s usually only for one or two pairs. Whether you have a larger collection or are just looking for a cool way to put them on a display, cork board or mesh screens are a perfect solution. To fancy things up a bit, cover a large piece of the screen or corkboard in a printed fabric of your choice and then frame it! The cork acts like a pin cushion for the backs of your earrings, the screen gives you a secure place for a hook and the fabric adds a personal touch.
                        Completed Project: Earring Hanger Picture #1

If you put your mind to it, there are many different things that can be repurposed for jewelry boxes. Even a cheese grader can be made into a fun and unique earring stand! To get started, think about what you need, what you already have and how you can make it work. Before you know it you’ll have everything perfectly organized and you might even have some ideas cool enough to share.
Why pay for something like this when you can make it yourself?


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