Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slouchy Beanies & Yarns

 During my 'holiday', I managed to make a few slouchy beanies using Nona yarns(pic below) which I bought there. 
 And a mesh slouchy beanie. There's another blue one in the making..I made a hat for my mom but forgot to take a pic :p 
 While I was away, these yarns arrived from Scotland via Swap Workshop. They're gorgeous and so soft! I have no idea, yet what to make out of them. 
And these are the yarns I bought in Sabah. There's only one shop that I know of that sells them. The name is the same as the one in West Malaysia but from another company. And the texture is different. I liked them so much I bought around a total of RM60! I've got so much yarns now that I'm overwhelmed! Bought any new yarns lately? I'd love to hear about them!


lovestitch said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Aisyah,
Glad you had a great holiday!
Those beanies look great as always, have to say you are such a slouchy expert! He he he!!!
It's really fun reading your post today, me too, a yarn addicted, never feel enough although my yarn and thread have occupied my room! :)
Great day to you too!
Lovestitch, xo

Paula said... [Reply to comment]

Oooo, that yarn is beautiful, wonderful colours. I love the bright green and blue in the last photo on the left hand side, can't wait to see what you'll be making with them.

Sindar said... [Reply to comment]

Love all the yarns kak Aisyah! Ahh..Saya pun tengah memikir nak beli benang baru.. adeh.. tapi banyak benang lagi yg belum kait xD geram tengok benang.. macam tengok gula2... addicted betul... Aero tu benang UK kan kak? Mungkin akak blh buat mm.... shawl ataupun scarf leher.. mesti cantik!


craft.by.bea said... [Reply to comment]

benang Nona d sabah jual d mana ya? teringin juga try benang Nona..saya beli selalu Minlon and Sakura

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks, ladies!

@Ery, ye Aero tu dr UK. Nk buat skaf/shawl..hmmm, kena tengok n fikir dulu :)

@Bea, kedai tu kat Putatan dekat dgn bookstore. Kalau tk silap akak bhg belakang. Kena tanya Ery ni sbb hari tu tk tengok betul2.

MamaDaniel said... [Reply to comment]

Kak Aisyah.. cuti pun sempat siapkan hat jugak.. cayalah...!

RM60 beli benang? ini kes buat stok ni.. hehe.. Nona ni made in Malaysia ek kak? saya ingat nona kat semenanjung ni made in Thailand..

benang aero memang nmpk gebu.. geram tengok!buat something untuk baby mesti best.. :)

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Ohh! Love that yarn and the hats too! Have a great weekend! :)

Yati said... [Reply to comment]

Yati pun suka benang Nona. Tak sama macam Minlon. Tapi ni dia punya label lain sikit ya. Soft colors, pandai kak Aisyah pilih. :)

Melanie said... [Reply to comment]

hi i am new knitter here.i didnt know nona yarn can make such a beautiful beanie! the other thread that you were talking about is Minlon. I also addicted in buying yarn now..hehe

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Melanie :) Yes, nona yarns can be made into hats/beanies beautifully! I never buy Minlon anymore. Good luck in your new venture!

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