Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Bag & Kerchief

I wasn't satisfied with the photo of the bag below, so we went to the beach for a few minutes to take some pics! 
 I made a new bag! I call it the 'Starburst Bag' 'cos the stitches forms into flowers that looks like...stars! It's quite hard to see because of the variegated yarn. I actually used two strands of thin chenille yarns held together. One in blue and the other variegated. I just love how it turned out! I'm making another bag at the moment. I'll show you when it's finished.
And this kerchief uses the same pattern as the previous one. The only difference is I used a 4mm hook instead of 2.5mm(you see, now I know the sizes!). The texture is so soft! I used the same blue thin chenille yarn as the bag above. They'll both be in my shop.
Okay, now I have to get off the laptop so I can finish making that bag!
P/S: Just to let you know that after more than a week of heavy rain, we finally can see the sun again today! Yay! And now I have TONS of laundry to do, too! Yucks!
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