Monday, July 12, 2010

'What I've Been Up To' Post

I've been busy crocheting flowers last week. These are orders from Khalissa. I've posted them just now and will leave this island early tomorrow morning. She ordered 10 of the above roses and...
 10 of 2-layer flowers and...
(sorry! the pic is a bit blurry)
 20 pieces of tiny flowers.
And I made a few more of the 2-layer flowers...
See the yarns behind them? I received them(18)last Saturday and the colors are yummy!! If you're interested in ordering these flowers, just send me an email.

AND I know some of you are wondering where the 'Daily DIY' is. I'm really sorry to have to tell you that I won't be posting them anymore from today onwards. They have been really taking a lot of my time and I need to be more productive in other things. But I will share with you from time to time as I find really interesting ones. Thank you for understanding...


MisFyd said... [Reply to comment]

Wow plenty of colourful Yarns & flowers!

Lps nih mesti byk lagi creations coming out :)

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Ye..tgh buat projek baru ni..siap nanti sy poslah :p

lizibeth said... [Reply to comment]

ooo, those tiny ones are so sweet! beautiful!!!

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]


lolypop stuf said... [Reply to comment]

suka yang pake benang sembur... ^^

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks,lolypop stuf!

Allycat said... [Reply to comment]

The flowers are adorable. Love the layers. So clever! xx

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]


halizda said... [Reply to comment]

wow, good work.

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks,halizda :D

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