Monday, June 7, 2010

Hair Clips

Hazel posing with her soft toy kitten, Cutie. She's wearing a clip I made using this tutorial.
Another view
A rose clip
And two fabric flower clips
And this is Hazel stamping away with the Korean Fairy Set that I bought from LvBeii recently. We love them to bits! 
These are the 'Thank You' notes that Hazel stamped. It's a bit messy but they're for her to play with so I don't really mind.


MisFyd said... [Reply to comment]

All the clips are cute!

The stamped Thank You notes are well done! =)She did a great job on stamping them.

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks,Fyd! I have done some more clips, will post the pics tomorrow :)
I bought a memo pad for Hazel to stamp on, she finally had enough stamping for now!

Rafidah Ahmad said... [Reply to comment]

cool clips babe... and hazel is soo cute :) ....

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks,kak :D

hair clips said... [Reply to comment]

Those hair clips are so simple and sweet. Hazel looks pretty with those hair clips. Good job!

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks hairclips!

hani syahida said... [Reply to comment]

Do you have tutorial on how to make this hair clip?

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

@hani syahida
Hi hani, just click on 'this'in the above post :)

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