Monday, April 26, 2010

Embroidery Hoop Buttons Display

This is my version of the Button Art. Instead of using a frame, I used an embroidery hoop that I bought recently. I didn't realize that my buttons were mostly yellow, orange and red until I sorted them out! I stitched them on a canvas/linen sort of material. I really like this material. And apparently, there is a group dedicated to embroidery hoop wall art on Flickr! Check them out! You'll be inspired to make one,too.
And lastly, I'll be offering the above Embroidery Hoop Button Display as my first giveaway when my followers reach 100 person, which is only 2 person away! So, check back here often!


Rafidah Ahmad said... [Reply to comment]

cantek giler la butang2 ni bila dah susun mcm ni kan...

nanti nak kirim gak kat aisyah butang2 ni hehehe

Felicity said... [Reply to comment]

What a great idea this is and I love the warm colors!

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Kak Fida and Felicity :)

MisFyd said... [Reply to comment]

Nice!!! Eager & waiting for the giveaway! hehehe

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks,Fyd! Maybe tomorrow I'll announce it :)

Faiza said... [Reply to comment]

this is so cute! i'd love to see something like this made from wooden buttons!

Aisyah Helga said... [Reply to comment]

Hi Faiza, yeah, I think wooden buttons will look great, though I don't hv any. Hv to get some now!

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