Thursday, February 18, 2010

OT - Time Out!

I was tired of sitting at the craft table all day besides doing housework so....we went to the beach!
This was how it was like when we arrived. Hot!
Doing our hobby,digging for...
Clams! Or as we call it 'Remis'.
Another type called 'pingsi'. Don't ask me for the scientific name cos I don't know. I don't eat these things but my kids and hubby likes them. They say the taste is sweet. Usually fried with onion,garlic,oyster sauce,soy sauce,ginger,turmeric powder and salt. You can't eat them on the same day. You have to soak it in sea water or salted water for at least a day.
Some of our finds.
All of our findings in about one hour. That's considered good. My legs are still shaking after going up and down the whole time!
This was how it looked like when we were about to leave.


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